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Error Fix is an user friendly Registry Cleaner program. It is a nifty all-in-one-tool to clean out all the unneeded registries. Error Fix goes beyond this by providing other ways to speed up your processing time. Be it emptying all the located temporary files, cleaning your ActiveX or Add/Remove programs this tool will make sure your PC is in optimal condition. You can try it for free so what are you waiting for?


Included are Windows Installer problem finder, Checkdisk scans, Scan Disk problem checker, Active X Controls and Shield problem finder, Task Manager cleaner and many more.

Error Fix can fix problems involving Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, DLL files, Javascript, IExplore, System32 files, Dr Warson utility, Windows Registry, Hardware Drivers, Item cannot be found.

Is known to cure System Crashes, Performance lag, compatibility issues between different Windows Platforms, PC freezing, Hardware malfunctions, Corrupted Registry Files, Blue Screens.

You can try it for free or the full version for 30-days!
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